Death in The Garden
Death in The Garden
The Dam and the Canal: A Parable - A Reading by Maren

The Dam and the Canal: A Parable - A Reading by Maren


Welcome back to the “Death in The Garden” podcast! A lot changed for us over the past 4 months, and we’ve needed to take some time to figure out how to proceed with the film/podcast/writing project in light of a change in resources. But we’re back!

As a preface to what is to come, we’re sharing today a reading of a short myth-inspired tale that Maren wrote last year, which was inspired by the works of Daniel Quinn. The podcast, to follow, will be centered around audio essays, produced with original and licensed music and soundscapes, sound effects, and other audio elements, such as snippets of interviews we conduct. While conversational interviews will continue to happen, those interviews will be released only for paid subscribers on Substack and Patreon, though we plan to phase out Patreon in the coming months.


If you want to support the project, please consider upgrading to a paid subscription on Substack.

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We have a lot of really cool things in the works right now (particularly for The Lord of the Rings nerds, but we’ll say no more on that), and can’t wait to release and share more about our upcoming projects as they unfold. Thank you for sticking around with us through all of the changes.

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Audio editing: Jake Marquez and Maren Morgan
Soundscapes: Jake Marquez and Maren Morgan
Death in The Garden
Death in The Garden
“Death in The Garden” is a multimedia project that explores the complex intersection of the cycle of life and death, holism, climate change, civilization, ecology, and health from the perspective of two incredibly curious millennials on a journey to make sense of a very nuanced world. In addition to those listed above, our podcast highlights topics like regenerative agriculture, food, psychology, spirituality, politics, society, and our overall relationship with Nature and the ecosystems we are part of.