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I enjoyed this little jaunt! At one point yall mentioned the connection to regenerative ag, Aubrey Marcus, and trad wives. Yall introduced it as if the connections between these is apparent. Can you explain that? I'm endlessly interested in the ways that seemingly disparate ideologies come together when they edge out far enough in to the extremes.

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Big love on this one ya'll. I really ought to connect with you soon. Either way, figured I would come here and share that Alexander Beiner wrote a nice rich article on the subject as well. Thought you might enjoy another take. Cheers.

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Thank you. It was fun to be a fly on the wall listening in. Sounds like you all are good friends. I love it.

I resonated with so many points brought up in this convo--especially the megalomaniacal mindset emerging around 1900 onward. I agree, one can see this obsession with scaling things and disrupting traditional knowledges in so many fields such as music (2nd Viennese School) to psychology (nurture over nature) to energy (atomic age) with ‘science’ in service of a strange ideology bent on testing the human psyche for tabula rasa and the natural world for basic building blocks. I can see how this mindset might seduce people with ambition, but it obviously just leads to psychosis (and here we are). Oppenheimer was well done, but agree that it completely lacked important other-than-Western perspectives.

I wish understanding these histories and deconstructing the propaganda could actually help us build the alternative societies of consilience that we want. Maybe I just haven’t found that community yet, but it’s tough. There are some useful things like modern surgery which I’m sure we’ll try to keep in its current form, but most other things we are forced to pay for (I.e. insurance, healthcare, technology, finance, etc.) could be substituted or eliminated with reasonable debt-free organizing. It’s a lot to think about. I’m just trying to keep my family afloat at the moment, but let me know if you get some alternatives going in the US. Currently, it seems one has to look outside the US to find functional land-based communities. Alas.

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The spirit y’all embody is encouraging. To be able to acknowledge blind spots in your perspective is a noble thing to do. Humility is grossly neglected unfortunately - y’all are really stepping up as leaders. It’s much needed in a world so bent on destruction and division.

It’s spooky how easily something can grow out of our control and seemingly beyond the point of return. How easy we can be subjugated by our own creations if we’re not careful. I’ve been thinking on this for a bit but I believe that every movement we make must begin with respect and mindfulness.

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