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for that personal question:

i'm digging deep into Haida oral poetry and myth stories after reading bringhurst's tree of meaning. most recommended book to anyone vaguely interested in languages, poetry, art, literature and how the loss of languages echo the loss of connection with ecology and biodiversity. At one point he said that he sees the re-introduction of indigenous (land) languages in schools as the only solution to the violence happening in mexico and i was like BAM! i knew that and i finally see someone articulating the importance of that

for the guests:

i'd recommend nate hagens (from the great simplification film & podcast). He has a broad perspective that is also interesting to watch it being expanded by his interviews and i think he would be a great voice and addition to your guests & film project as i see there's a lot of commonalities in the vision of what the future might hold: food & energy wise. ie "if we don't drop the energy bonanza we will pretty much be forced to"

echoing that there's this movie called "strange worlds" in disney+, that's not super great, but it's a good analogy of what the focus on energy (green or black) is actually doing, due to our (spoiler!!) inability to see that is killing the living planet

didn't mean to go long but you asked

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Love to hear you guys interview Lynx Vilden. She has a book that's just come out, so might be willing to talk about it.

I'm re-reading The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff, just finished (again) The Way of the Human Being by Calvin Luther Martin. Both books have great Spirit.

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Thank you for your work and play, which I’ve just discovered. ❤️‍🔥 Much resonance & joy, much to digest.

One author of great societal clarity is Darren Allen. He dismantles the machine of civilisation with a few precision cuts, finding Love and true meaning hidden behind the carnage.

He finds the root cause of most problems to be the egoic mind, I think. Here’s a good start https://open.substack.com/pub/expressiveegg/p/the-system-and-the-self-part-1.

It would be fascinating to hear you three intersect, overlap and perhaps disagree. I don’t know his position on regenAg, and yours on nonduality. You all seem to see the Machine and it’s doings clearly, that’s common ground perhaps.

Thank you. ❤️‍🔥🇸🇪

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